Business Overview

CDMO Services
CRO Services
Service Offering Focus
Drug Discovery Chemistry Services Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control
Library synthesis Flow chemistry API production
Hit identification Solid-state research platform Quality assurance
Hit-to-lead discovery Protac technology Analytical development and quality control
Lead generation Peptide synthesis Discovery process chemistry
Lead optimization Isotope synthesis Process chemistry
SAR development Impurity synthesis
Synthetic route design Catalyst screening platform
Salt/co-crystal screening Antibody drug conjugates
Small scale Small-scale production (preclinical, phase I, phase Il)
Large-scale production (phase IIl, commercial)

Drug Discovery

Library synthesis
Hit identification
Hit-to-lead discovery

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Chemistry Services

Flow chemistry
Solid-state research platform
Protac technology

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Chemistry Analysis

ICH stability study
Analytical technology method transfer
Impurity lot analysis and COAs

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Catalog reagent and
Compound Management

Grignard reaction
Lithium exchange reaction
Catalog reagent

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